Subject: Re: I had a spectacular time

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:52:36 -0800 (PST)

From: Terry Michaels <>



Wait, Larry...I (!) had a spectacular time tonight. I just got home, and I'm

still grinning. I danced up a storm after you left. Every dance was for you.

(I was putting out the energy to you in hopes that you could feel it...) I

wish you could've stayed longer. I wish a lot of things.

I have questions...Ready?

Larry, how would you like me to classify this evening? Simply a major

flirt-a-thon? Or may I have permission to be more...hmmm what's a good word

to use here?...Ok, let me just say what I have to say...No editing...

I am really wanting to know if I can approach you in a (hold on, here it

comes) romantic way? I am highly charged by your energy, and felt a

connection with you tonight that doesn't come along very often. I would like

to explore it. May I? Are you only into the flirting aspect, or are you also

willing to explore deeper relationships?

I'm bummed. I think you said the phone in your bed ends with "31"...The only

number I have for you is 786-XXXX. I'd call you right now. If you're awake

and get this mail...give me a sign...(you can call me 310/316-XXXX).

I'd better send this. I...I...I...well, I do!

For nearly 10 years now I've lived by one philosophy: The other side of risk

is regret (even my screen saver reminds me). The curiosity of seeing the

word "risk" in you address is now making me go there. As soon as this is

sent. NOW!

tea :)(:


Terry Michaels

Hate is NOT a family value.

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