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>That would be cool. A few things, though...i'm in a wheelchair, as you

>may have seen if you saw my webpage, and have a van that I need to be

>driven around in. I asked one of the Yellow Roomers if she'd give me a

>ride, and she said she would...but I haven't heard from her. I just

>paged her, so w'll see. But...my number is 714-786-9404 (it's no

>secret...alot of the Yellow Roomers have it). That's great thgat you two

>are like us. What took you so long to find us?? Join in..you're very

>welcome to!




And hers...

Subject: Re: A ride...

Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 11:07:32 -0800 (PST)

From: Terry Michaels <tmichaels@earthlink.net>

To: lsinger@mail.edm.net


I was just observing (for a long time). I'm not particulary shy, just felt that you all were so tightly knit. But then I heard about what might be "the end" to my listening to radio (again!) and decided I'd better let some people know I'm here. I've been "pen palling" with Nicole & Mimi for months.

Let me know if you get an answer to your page. If not, I'll call Rosaleen & pass along your message...

I haven't checked your homepage (sorry).



Terry Michaels


Hate is NOT a family value.


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