Release party at the Troubador, November 26, 1996

Live from the
----------------------------------------------Volume 1

The Yellow Submarine crew (l-r, back: ACME, Thomas More, John, RTE. middle: Reptile, Nicole, Laura, Steph, suz. front: cetr, Hawk (our mascot), Larry Singer)

When Al speaks, everyone...listens?? (l-r) Don, RTE, Drea, ACME

We have two bunnies in our presence! (l-r) KYLE, suz, Thomas More, RTE, (and Larry's forehead in the foreground)

CETR's a happy man, 24-7. (l-r) RTE, cetr, drea, ACME

Steph and CETR

A variation on the usual pose (kinda hard to get the girl alone when her boyfriend's right there)
Diana D., Larry, & David

suz providing the caption for this one, above Kyle's head. Could that be Shaun's Pumpkin Balls glowing??

drea & nudge

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