The Story of Larry and Tea and Lynlea and Hawk


nce upon a time, in a land close, close away, there was a girl (Terry/Tea), and a boy (Larry). And her girl (Lynlea), and his boy (Hawk). And a radio station (). And a room made of Yellow to honor the station and unite it's fans. He was a regular poster. She was a "lurker" and very occasional poster. Neither utilized the Yellow Room as a matchmaking service. (side note: They had crossed paths before. He, being a quadriplegic, didn't have the ability to drive himself around. Thus, whenever there were gatherings, he would post "I'll go if I can get a ride" as a plea to get some kind soul to offer. When she read this, her only thoughts were "Who doesn't have a car in Southern California? Loser.") Her first post to the room received no she just lurked. Until...

The radio station was sold. The "Yellow Roomers" (as the regular people in the Yellow Room have affectionately come to be known) banded together to prevent change from happening to the beloved radio station's wonderful format. He, being an avid web page creator and self-proclaimed Yellow Room historian, created a collection of "Letters to the Editor" that other people wrote to save the station.

His last e-mail message of 1996 was this.

Of course, she was PC and he was he was never able to convert the file to add it. Nevertheless....he was intrigued to find out who was this person (m or f?) that was interested in starting up a conversation minutes before midnight about if the Beatles will be #1.

The Beatles Anthology was #1.

Skip to January 4th, 1997. Thomas More (click his name to see the cupid that brought them together) had been arranging a Yellow Room gathering to meet up, show support, and alert the press about what was going on (strength in numbers). He put out an APB to drum up bodies to come out. Larry would go, of course, "if I can get a ride there." Julie and Scott had offered a week and a half before, yet Larry hadn't heard from them yet. Something compelled him to go. Terry was in a similar bind, not being able to go, but this was because she didn't have someone to watch her 8 year old, Lynlea. Something compelled her to go as well.

That day, they were both on the Yellow room. She wanted to know if anyone knew how to get to the gathering. He tried to get a ride from her, but she was coming from Redondo and he was in Irvine. After their interaction on the conference board, she wrote him this e-mail.

Then, he responded with this e-mail, including her response.

He wrote her back, and then she took about 45 minutes to give him this reply.

Rosaleen did call, and they talked for a few minutes, and it looked like she was going to give him a ride...until Scott and Julie called and came through with a ride. Her grandmother, GG, came through, as well, with an offer to watch Lynlea. Neither of them really had to go, but neither of them could afford not to go - for some strange reason, they both expended a lot of energy to get there.

Later that night...

The YRs (as they've also affectionately become known as) had plans to meet for fish tacos at Wahoo's across the street from Perq's. Larry finished before everyone else, so thought he'd "go over and see who else had arrived" (we know who he was looking for). There were a few bodies already gathering by the stage. Either Tea arrived soon after he got there, or she was already there...regardless, he and she met, he introduced her to everyone else, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night talking to and gazing at each other.

Rosaleen arrived later, as did the other YRs. Rosaleen and Tea left to go to the car to get the camera. Tea was sure to give Larry a peck on the cheek as she told him not to go away. ..

He wasn't planning on going anywhere...

When Rosaleen and Terry got back, the music started and was too loud for Hawk's sensitive ears. Larry's plan was to bring Hawk out to the van, but he asked Terry to come with him. They got Hawk in the van and then Larry asked Terry if she wanted to go look at the nearby beach. She said she wanted to, so he told her to "hop on". He rode her on his lap to go look at the water; the ride was later to be described as "the most romantic thing anyone has ever done" for her. The view... the breeze... the scent... the beautiful night sky... the company... the magnetism was so strong that they both had no choice but for their lips to become acquainted with each other.

And they became acquainted....

and reacquainted...

and rea...


Finally, they figured it was time for them to go back. They had to go around to the front to get back in. The doorman asked "Are you Larry? People have been looking for you." Apparently, the kind YRs were worried about Larry going off with this "stranger"...little did they know...

They went back to the group.....and to allay everyone's fears...whatever they may have been.

If there's any doubt as to the connection that he and she had that evening, one need just look at this picture, snapped supposedly one hour and ten minutes after meetng (tho it may have actually been longer).

Another picture taken that evening is of them dancing (everyone is always concerned " can't dance with him", which this picture disproves. See how easily she fits in his lap?).

They proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening together.

Eventually, he needed to get going home, so he asked her to walk out to the van with them.

Her goodbye to him was "You haven't seen the last of me, Larry Singer!"

To which he pessimistically replied "Yeah...i've heard that before!"

And her retort was "You never heard that from me!", as the van door closed.

He got home with time to spare, so he turned on the computer. He fired off this e-mail to her.

When she got home, she responded with this e-mail.

O.k...enough voyeurism for one webpage. Let's just say that the connection between them was phenomenal. The next day they exchanged e-mail for a large part of the day, calling this "War & Peace". There was a break period, and some telephone interaction. They even went on into the night, with her talking to him on his speaker phone while he was in bed. When they finally got to sleep, it was too late for her to get any rest. She called in well that day towork. He already had plans to go with Thomas to the CD store, so he invited her to come along. It was a magical afternoon, and even more bonding and learning occurred between them For instance...they went to lunch and she had no idea how he was going to eat. She imagined either Thomas and her were going to take turns feeding him...or he would just plunge his face into the food and eat it doggystyle. His sarcastic comment about wanting chopsticks kind of caught her off guard. When he pulled out his handy utensil holder, she learned this kid is pretty adaptable.

The afternoon came to a close, and she went off. They made plans to get together over the weekend and go out to the beach with her daughter for the afternoon. She was sure to let him know that Lynlea and her were a team and go everywhere together (as there had been problems in relationships past). He rebutted by letting her know that he and Hawk were a team and go everywhere together (as there had been problems in relationships past). Both were o.k. with each other's situations.

It was no shock to them that they found each other. They knew they would. They are soulmates.

His friend predicted her in this letter from 1991 (note: taken out of context).

Terry had written this lettter to herself in 1980, wishing for him to arrive.

It took a day for his mom to talk with her when she called, and the "afternoon visit" turned into a "sleepover".

That phone call, she told his mom she was in love with him.

From that weekend on, every weekend was spent together...

...which later turned into everyday.

...which later turned into a lifetime...

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