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New Picture:

Buddha®, Spam, Larry, Spam, Reptile

Nerd Backs-
From Right to left: Thomas, suz, cetr's legs, Larry, the elusive reptile, reptile's wife Linda, the even more elusive ??????, Buddha® Mikey, LoriG & Allen are somewhere in there

From Left (and then circular): Sir Thomas More, "Jules Inman", Buddha Mikey® (is he pointing to his brain??), Bruce Alexander, suz, Julie/Booger/"Galatea", & Me (Llama not pictured)

Blinds, Larry, Hawk, SPAM, Flowers, Plants, SPAM, TV, Blinds

Blinds, SPAM, Flowers, Plants, SPAM, Blinds
(It's got just as much SPAM in it as Blinds, Larry, Hawk, SPAM, Flowers, Plants, SPAM, TV, Blinds, but with no Larry & Hawk (this one's for those who don't much like Larry & Hawk))

This is my regular guestbook, so if you've signed it, don't worry about signing it again if you don't want (but you could sign it if you want, or if you don't want to don't...but if you want to vew it, you could also do that, or you could sign it again as an alias, or if you don't want to sign it as an alias, then just sign it with your real name, however if you've already signed it with your real name then that would be redundant, but if you wanted to you could.....)

We apologize for the interruption, but those who had been placed in charge of introducting the guestbook have been sacked...just sign the damn thing!

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People have been Spammed! (but this is the same number as have viewed my webpage because I had problems creating a new counter specifically for this page, so if you subtract this number from the 660 that it was when I put this up, then you should have a fairly accurate count...however, if you were to count all the times I have accessed my page to check on it's functioning, then you'd probably have to subtract 650 from that original number. However...if it were an African swallow that accessed my page...

P.S. RIP any Spam mentions in the Yellow Room!