(love the background color, or leave it...it was the best I could do!)

These are the Lar-a-thon pix. Any corrections, send them to me ASAP at lsinger@cox.net. Otherwise, this is how it is:

Neighbor Ed and me (notice the tie...appropriate??)

The Nerds invade the Gypsy: (r-l) Thomas, someone, Allen, Scott, Hawk, Me, LoriG, Derek, Jeanelle (Nerd by association, Derek's girlfriend); in the background, Buddha®

Sure he's good looking, ladies... (r-l; Reptile, Reptoddler, & Reptila)

...but he's taken (Reptile (l) and me (r))

Edward Scissorhands opens up a birthday card

Scott awestruck finding out that Allen wants to join Galatea as the bongo player.
[in the back: (l-r) LoriG, Allen, & Scott. In the front: (l-r) Jerry, Jules.
In the middle (l-r) Derek, RTE, Jeanelle.]

Scott attempts to ward off the Silly String Monster

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