New Pictures!!

The "new" Singers...(l-r) Terry, Larry, Lynlea, & Hawk

Me and Mike Watt....hangin' out

Alcatraz's newest inmates, my ultra-cool friend, , Hawk, and I

Me in my first wheelchair!

Friends from KUCI: (l-r) Eric Freeman, Marian Cordry, Me (in the medieval torture device looking thing - a halo brace), Mark Baker

Me and a couple of great friends; Dianna (left) & Kelley (right).

Me and my ultra-cool friend Debonee

Pals in high school: Me on the left, and Lawrence Schneider on the right

Hungry and in Intercourse, Pennsylvania?? Be sure and stop at the Best Western for their restaurants' specialties (taken on Mon & Dad's east coast swing).

The Cadillac Tramps rocking out at the KUCI studios...(Reptile would fit into this picture!)

The Cadillac Tramps, me, and my brother Dave

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